Writing, shifting boundaries and when it all comes together

Spent a profitable few hours trying to make myself sound interesting last week. In my capacity as Chair of the Contemporary Glass Society (CGS), I've been asked to do an interview with Craft and Design Magazine, and I was trying to hit that tricky note between serious and boring.  Still, I'm delighted to be doing the interview and we'll see how it sounds when it comes out.  In general, last week was a writing week; I'm still working on something for 'Backdrop', my regular column on cultural issues in Glass Network, the CGS newsletter, and I managed to complete something on life in a world with shifting boundaries for Redemporist Publications - a publisher who focuses on theological material to support people in all phases of their spiritual journey. What I like about the writing is that it brings togather many strands of my life, that don't always obviously connect.  When I was preparing stuff on shifting boundaries for Redemptorist, I suddenly realised that the shifting boundaries I was writing about were very much the same as those I explore in my art.  It does all belong together, although I feel quite fragmented at times.  Earlier this week I was working away at my three-colour separation screen printing for Hotbed Press's 20:20 project; a print exchange idea where each person prints 20 or so prints that are 20cm square, and each person receives a portfolio of 20 prints, all different, in exchange.  A lovely idea, and all the lovelier for the fact that I've actually printed the said prints, and managed to get a more or less repeated result (see above for image of the first try - this still isn't quite right).  Its taken me 10 months to work it out, but never let it be said that I don't persevere!  I've also committed to trying to get my origami water bomb-base book into a small edition for the Artist's Bookfair on 6th November in Manchester.  It's yet another task and yet another deadline, but I feel that sometimes these things need a little nudge, and a deadline does that.  it will help me decide where the books are taking me, so to speak.
Journey to the end of the world - work in progress

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