Origami water-bomb base book

More bookmaking last night, under the watchful eye of Lucy May Schofield. I continued work on my origami water-bomb base book, 'Journey To The End of The World'.  It was hot and sweaty in the bowels of Hotbed Press, and the work a bit sloppier as a result, but we cased in the boards and I neatened up the revolving world and sewed in the bookmark ribbon. The idea is that the cover will show the title 'Journey to the End of the World', and when opened up there's a world-shaped disc that can be rotated and until it points at where you want to go.  Only all the destinations are domestic symbols - armchairs, toilets, teapots and doormats. The blue of the covers and the revolving map ironically contrasts with the black and white etched homey symbols. I'm not 100% sure what it means.  A critique of searching afar for things when they are actually more likely to be found in your own living room? Something to do with the romance around travel, escape, adventuring;  the way that however far you go, you always take yourself with you, and therefore take your own constraints?  Reminds me of a note I made at the Lucien Freud exhibition at Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris recently.  From the exhibition blurb: "My idea of travel is downward travel really. Getting to know where you are better, and exploring feelings that you know more deeply.  I always think that that thing 'to know something by heart' gives you a depth of possibility which has more potential than seeing new sights, however marvellous and exciting they are".  For me, it is more than about just looking closely, but about paying attention to the way things start to look strange again when you do so.  With 'Journeyto the End of the World', there a slightly grumpy feel to it - maybe I need a holiday!  It is a great group, and I have enjoyed the artistic vision and companionship of the fellow class members.  Looking forward to continuing after my break.


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