Grayson Perry video in the Guardian

I've tried, but despite the fact that I know that Fine Art is higher currency than Craft in the Art world in general, I can't renounce Craft. I love the way it brings together workmanship, engineering, ideas, visual impact and history in one. So I like the ease with which Grayson Perry touches on fine art and craft debates in this video of him talking about his recent exhibition at the British Museum. There's a particularly poignant bit about how most of the art in Tate Modern, including, as he says 'every bit of poo' is there only because it's attached to someone famous, whereas most of the work in the British Museum is anonymous.


From the Guardian Website.
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  1. Hi Victoria, I am very with you on what Grayson Perry is saying, and thank goodness he does say it. (oh this is Sharon, as in Sharon and Lauren)
    Hope you don't mind I'm learning about the world of blog, and the Summer house blog is now a follower. Through your blog I will now have to visit Macclesfield next time I'm passing en-route to climbing in peaks to see the Treacle Market!!

  2. Great to hear from your Sharon, and welcome to the world of blog! I hope you've got lots of lovely stuff on this summer. Vx

  3. PS. I'm following you too now. The chandelier using lost earrings is a fabulous idea.

  4. Ohh a follower, thank you! The world of blog still confusing but not quite as confusing as Facebook to me. Maybe this summer should be busy with a little learning and experimenting with all things digital, but also got a good schools art project on the go.

    I am really liking your 'As you like it necklaces' beautiful.


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