Finished my contribution to Stitch Your Brain

Finished by submission for Monika Auch's wonderful Stitch Your Brain Project.

I've had a postcard of this surreal and slightly sleezy jewel in my notebook for years.  I wanted to show how my family, friends, acquaintances and make up who I am. These connections are both commonplace and complex, but they mean a lot to me and shape my past, my present and my future.

I've represented just a few of them here using only their eyes, set into goldwork embroidery mounts and floating on a sea of grey ruffles.

They echo these lavish and slightly disturbing miniature jewels that were given and received by lovers in Regency times – both advertising a liaison and keeping a secret at the same time. A surreal gesture singing of a sometimes unspoken link between people.

I've sent this off to be included in a show of 'Stitch Your Brain' pieces at Gawthorpe Textiles Collection. The show will open around April 20 2016 (subject to their refurbishment finish date).

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