Curating Ornament 2015 at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair!

The best of craft: challenging yet appealing; making you think but also things you could imagine in your own home; beautiful, dramatic and quirky and many stages in between.

Such was the work at Ornament 2014 last year at the Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair. The show, curated by Kelda Savage, was the first in what we all hope will be many such shows at GNCCF. It aims to showcase exceptional museum quality collectible craft from a selection of the UK's most prestigious makers.

Well this year, I'm hugely honoured to say, is my turn.

I will be curating this year's Ornament in partnership with curators of contemporary craft collections in museums & galleries across the North. The show will feature exceptional and extraordinary work to inspire, engage and tempt new and existing collectors.

I'm working with the North West's galleries and curators as we speak to develop a shortlist. Watch this space!

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