Ice Cream In Utopia finished!

Out of the kiln, glued, photographed and packed all in a morning.  My contribution to CGS' Wish You Were Here exhibition at the International Festival of Glass 2015. Exploring postcards; holidays; the impossible yearning for a perfect place or experience and the very, very wierd world of Hieronymus Bosch.

Hieronymus Bosch and his Garden of Earthly Delights defies easy explanation. In fact it's really close to just plain bonkers. Plenty of the religious images and ideas of the 1500's, but a foot firmly in the surrealist camp of the 20th Century several hundred years on - and even stretching beyond then into the realm of Sci Fi. Is it a critique of religious painting of the day? No idea, but I've drawn on the surreal but earthly paradise to create my own.

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