Menacing tableware in The Owl Service - Alan Garner

I love objects. I’m currently nursing an obsession with a bookmark that has a picture of a steam-train on it. If this isn’t in my book, I’m not happy. I see I might need to get over this, but it does illustrate the power that objects have over us.   

I read Alan Garner’s Owl Service as a child and it enchanted me then. I think it takes the fact that that objects can be mesmerising, powerful and collectible, and crafts a truly magic tale.  I don’t want to give too much away; it’s too good a book to spoil. What I will say is that good and bad, it seems to hint for me at how objects speak to us about past and present. How they express who we are and enhance our sense of identity, and how they can become something of an obsession! Powerful stuff.

This book was one of the works that I picked for Craftfinder (now, alas, no more), exploring craft in literature.

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