Swathe work to be shown at Belfry Arts Centre, Norfolk

A nice little concept for a show:  Snakes and Ladders, or the Ups and Downs of Life, at the Belfry Arts Centre, Norfolk.

I'm displaying one of my Swathe pieces - all about the tension between rules and freedom. The small piece of carefully fabricated turf speaks of defined spaces and boundaries; 'my turf'. The process for making is quite obsessive and tedious, but the glass tufts don't quite do what they're supposed to do - they wander out of line and deviate from the clipped uniformity that you might expect.

Snakes and Ladders is part of the nationwide Glass Games programe, taking place this summer and bringing the magic of glass to more people than ever before. Belfrey Arts Centre will also host the Glass Games Baton - a stunning ceremonial baton made especially by artist Bruce Marks. The Baton will travel around the country this summer to seven major events and mark the progress of Glass Games as it unfolds.

6-20 August
Belfrey Arts Centre
NR27 0NT



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