Wonderful glass art from Amanda Simmons

I've said it before, and at the risk of being tedious, I'll say it again; I think that there can be a certain sloppiness in many UK glass artist's use of colour.  You can often look at a piece and say 'that's gaffer Dark Orange Red' - a favourite for casters - or 'Bullseye Turquoise Blue', another popular colour in fused glass.  I love colour, but as artists I think we need to be sharper than this.  So I'm drooling over Amanda Simmons' use of material and colour in this blog post. Achieved with glass powders, these are
subtle, full of depth and sensitivity, clearly the result of thought and experimentation, some of these images could be charcoal drawings, or marks on an ancient stone.  Really, really good.

See Amanda Simmons blog with wonderful images of recent experiments.

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