Accepted for the British Glass Biennale 2012!

Soooo pleased to get into the British Glass Biennale 2012 .  It's really set me up for the year! I'm planning to make a few pieces of work developing the ideas that are starting to emerge here.  At the Contemporary Glass Society Conference 'Living With Glass', last year, artist Richard Meitner said something that really stuck with me: he questioned whether the current trend for students to be encouraged to come up with a grand idea before making their work is such a good thing.  Richard makes the work and then asks what it's trying to tell him.  I find this much more sensible - art can be an instinctive thing and making all your ideas fit into a big theme upfront would seem to stifle work that comes from a more illogical, unthought-through place.  So this is very much how I'm approaching my current practice.

I haven't made an awful lot of work in the last two years - I've felt very anxious about the future, both money-wise and art-wise, and that seems to reduce the moments of inspiration.  Plus my work as Chair of the Contemporary Glass Society takes a lot of time and matching moments of inspiration with time to actually work was very hard.  Anyway, things are much better now and I hope to have a few more things to show you soon.

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