Olympic Fever: Glass Games steaming ahead

And spring is in the air, the birds are singing, the duvets are at the laundrettes.  All's well with the world. Feeling good; I've recently got a part time job managing the Contemporary Glass Society's 'Glass Games' project.  This is a major festival of exhibitions, workshops, events and all round fabulous happenings over the Olympic period this summer that will show that artists are every bit as talented, hardworking and slight nuts as sportspeople.

Anyway, it's working well for me.  At last I can relax about finances a little, and the paid job leaves just about the right amount of time for making some glass stuff.  My recent work for the British Glass Biennale - whether or not it gets selected - feels like it has generated a few more budding ideas.  My friend and glass artists Milly Frances, who runs Striking Glass, said she woke up in the night thinking about my Biennale work!  I think that's a good thing......

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