Finally made; a few pics of my latest work

Bit of a battle, but I got it done. I've just sent these off to the British Glass Biennale. Let's hope they get selected.

The work - I haven't given it a title yet - explores the balance between constraint and freedom.  Objects are selected – here a series of stainless steel buckets - that provide a boundary; something to contain and constrain.  Then the object is altered to try and expand or even explode that boundary. To create a sense that there is an eternal depth to the contents.  The reflective surface of the stainless steel helps to promote the illusion and blur the boundary between what is held within and what is beyond.

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  1. I really want to see these Victoria, so much glassiness and contemplation. A real sense of universal truth and despair. Good luck for the Biennale.....x

  2. Thanks Amanda, and also for your invaluable technical help with these V


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