BodyWork; glass jewellery by sculptors at the Bullseye Gallery

Swathe III Sculpture, 2010
If you make sculptures and you make jewellery, people are a bit sniffy about the jewellery.  Or they like the jewellery and think the sculptures are a bit pie in the sky. Bullseye Glass have been brave enough to acknowledge that many glass artists make jewellery as well, and to stage a show based on it.  Click here to see the video. There is something so personal and engaging about jewellery - it gets closer to us than most sculpture. And it goes back such a long way. I find this with my 'Strange Music, Rough Magic Series' of necklaces.  I love them. They explore ideas, tell a story, offer something to explore.  So does my sculpture, but I often feel that I have to explain how they can be part of the same practice. I think we need to get over ourselves and learn that both sculpture and jewellery can exist side by side.

'Stange Music, Rough Magic' necklaces

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