Local treats: the Silk Merchant Shop in Macclesfield's Heritage Centre

Local rocks.  Last Sunday's Treacle Market was fantastic; a great buzz, tons of people, a glistening sunny day. In Macclesfield we have lots of things to celebrate about the local at the moment. A vibrant Arts festival, a cultural and foodies revival, great music, enthusiastic people. But not only that, at Macc we are part of a long heritage in our silk and textile history, commemorated and illustrated for us in our wonderful Silk Museums. It is a place to celebrate the local, but the Museums remind us that we are connected to the wider world.  And this is reflected in The Silk Merchant, the shop in the Heritage Centre at Roe Street, which has just been given a bit of a makeover by the frighteningly dynamic June Munro and her team.

Macclesfield, as you know, is now officially the end of the Silk Road - designated so by the United Nations no less.  In the shop there are all kinds of things that reflect this privileged status; Afghan rugs, silk scarves, textiles, glass, jewellery, gifts, cards and much more.  The Silk Merchant has stuff that is made in Macclesfield, including Macclesfield silk, but it also has things that have made the long journey from very distant places all along the silk route.  Part of an ancient tradition that connects us with the past, with the world and with our roots.  Fantastic. If you missed out on Treacle this Sunday and you still have Christmas gifts to buy, The Silk Merchant shop will be a great place to look.

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