Sculpture by Gaea Todd

Weird but wonderful stuff from sculptor Gaea Todd. What I like about it is that is has that 'what happens to inanimate things when we aren't looking' thing going on.  It echoes the poet Anne Carson in 'Every Exit is an Entrance' (A Praise of Sleep)'. In the poem (it's not clear if it's fiction or fantasy) she dreams that as a child she 'awoke and came downstairs and stood in the living room, although it was hushed and empty. The usual dark green sofa and chairs stood along the usual pale green walls.  It was the same old living room as ever, I knew it well, nothing was out of place. And yet it was utterly, certainly different. Inside its usual appearance the living room was as changed as if it had gone mad.'  Gaea's work has got that slightly scary, exciting, stillness. Love it.

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Image of installation 'In Vino Veritas'.


  1. Love the new format Victoria, looks very cool! Will get back today to you about GNCFF! Just back home to sunny D&G, cheers Amanda x

  2. Thanks Amanda. Hope it went well. Look forward to hearing about Great Northern.


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