Li Lu in the Summer House

Sagar and Campbell's beautiful summer house was host to the magical, deep-soul sound of the cello this summer. Renowned musician Li Lu spent some time filling the summer house and court with her music.

The Summer House Project - an installation for St. Mary's maternity hospital in Manchester - seems to balance the beautiful with the conceptual in  a particularly pleasing way.  Sagar and Campbell have filled the summer house with various things since the project's beginning; balloons, little glass discs on a table - all very different, and all a little mysterious and soulful.

From their publicity:

"Li Lu will be performing in our studio during Rogue OPEN Studios weekend as part of our new Arts collaboration,  a Dynamic Sculptural installation with live music.
Rogue Open studios Saturday 8th and 9th October 2011.
The preview party is on Friday 7th October."

Image by Garth Hulbert-Williams

You can see more on their blog

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