Roll up, roll up, for the Contemporary Glass Society Conference at Bexhill

Can't wait for the 2011 Contemporary Glass Society Conference, 'Living With Glass' at Bexhill-on-Sea. For starters, the venue is stunning; the newly refurnished De La Warr Pavilion. A great arts venue dressed up as Art Deco gem by the sea.  I'm addicted to the seaside, so I'd be in heaven even if there wasn't such a fabulous line up of speakers, all tackling an aspect of the use of glass in interiors, ranging from the conceptual, through the architectural, the sculptural vessel, lighting, installation and tableware.  A feast for the mind and the senses. We have Richard Meitner, Eva Menz, Harry Cardross, Anna Dickinson, Simon Moore, Heike Klussmann and Thorsten Klooster - producers of 'Blingcrete' - plus a glass, sound and light performance from Florian Lechner.

These conferences are often the highlight of my glass year; I get to enjoy a wide range of beautiful and innovative glass, absorb the qualities of an inspirational venue, and most of all get to meet old friends and make new ones.  Seriously, this last aspect is so important to me.  I work alone much of the time, and these events are a chance to receive nourishment from hard-working and motivating - and very friendly - people.  See you there!

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