Taking the Next Steps for Parallax Art Fair

Things are hotting up for Parallax Art Fair at La Galleria, Pall Mall in July. Finalising details for the catalogue and getting details straight. The poster is now available - see image, and it's that time to start thinking about how to get there, how to get my work there, what happens when I do get there........all the nitty gritty.
Here's the blurb, reposted from an earlier log post:
Parallax Art Fair is the first art fair of its kind.  It is for artists to promote their work directly to dealers/buyers in a professional venue in central London, UK, but without expensive charges for booths or commission taken from work sold.  The fair will is curated by Gayane Umerova, Senior curator at the Art Gallery of Uzbekistan and third curator of the "5+1" art project touring to National Gallery of Zacheta (Warsaw, Poland). 

Parallax Art Fair is different from other fairs in that it grew out of an international exhibition exploring new theories of art history and the theory of the object. As well as an opportunity to promote work, participants also become part of a culturally important event exploring new theories. As a group of artists displaying their individual works they create together one collective art object: Parallax Art Fair. 
The fair will take place July 1st -3rd 2011 at La Galleria (Royal Opera Arcade), Mayfair, London.  website
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