Eva Menz - glass chandeliers and installations

Wonderful chandeliers and installations by Eva Menz, based in the UK.  On of the joys of my work as Chairperson for the Contemporary Glass Society is that I get to research all kinds of artists for our events. I spent a happy afternoon trawling websites and gained a few ideas for our upcoming conference, which we'll be announcing soon and has a story all it's own.  But personally speaking, Menz's work was one I particularly engaged with. I found her because she was shortlisted for the Bombay Sapphire Glass Prize in 2008 with 'Singing Water' - an installation over the VIP bar in the 210 North nightclub in Reno, Nevada, USA. Eva describes the piece as "Assembled from 4000 handmade crystal glass pieces that are each individually hung on delicate wires, this piece has a mesmerising effect, reflecting the coloured lighting it captures. It is a breathtaking centrepiece for the bar, inspiring a new visual impression from every angle".  She seems to have a great sense of space and a feeling for how very subtle use of glass crystals can transform that space into something magical, or gently sublime, or even a little bit burlesque.

See Eva Menz website
See Victoria Scholes' website


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