Opposites attract: Amanda Simmons reviews my work

Recently I posted about Amanda Simmons and her excellent glass. Amanda, I believe, has hit a spot that most glass artists struggle with; the need to made beautifully designed glass at affordable prices without outsourcing it all to Asia.  Amanda's has recently posted about my work in response, and I find it a useful and informative dialogue.  She and I come form opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to our approach - mine is concept driven and hers design led - but we are both passionate about what we do and there is value to recognising that the practice of glass spans many different ways of coming at it.

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Image: Amanda Simmons, Labyrinths of Love


  1. Hi Victoria....HNY! This year is full of more challenges to keep affordable as I feel my work is progressing and as i'm spending more time on each piece I've begun to price myself out of my current market, hence quite a miserable xmas! The next challenge is at the other end of the spectrum at COLLECT 2011 with a minimum price of around £500 per piece and obviously much more. But this is what keeps us going, constant challenges and balancing the need to create and make a living.

  2. Happy New Year to you too! It is always such a tricky balance between keeping creativity fresh and prices down. I do hope that Collect 2011 takes you on a new and fruitful journey - you could be just what is needed at this event. Best of luck with it all and stay in touch!


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