Strange Music, Rough Magic Video

Experimenting with my Strange Music, Rough Magic images.  The images and series of images in Strange Music, Rough Magic, and in my older work 'Corner of My Eye', are meant to be intriguing scenarios in a constrained world. They make you ask the question 'What's happened here?', but they don't resolve that question in any way.  They point to something that is going on outside the image shown, but give only clues as to what that might be.  In my 'Corner of My Eye' series, several images were clearly related but they differ slightly from one another, making an uncertain narrative unfold. In this video - very basic I know - I wanted to see what the static image looked like when it was animated, just using the special effects in Windows Movie Maker.  I wonder whether to do this again, but with a series of images that are almost imperceptibly different.

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