Somtimes things take longer than you think...

Battling with the production of an edition of my origami water-bomb base book for the Manchester Artist's book Fair.  This is one of those projects that I'm not sure I should have started, but now I'm in so far, I feel committed to finish.  Time is being eaten and costs are mounting, and from what I've heard about the kind of price I can charge for my books, I'm going to be be making a loss at best. If I come home with all my books and make a loss, then I'll be really depressed.  I did this because I wanted to push one of my books to a conclusion.  Ideas can sometimes crystalise better when all the little decisions that are forced by a defined outcome are worked out.  Or not.  But at least you know whether the idea is a goer or not.  This isn't what I normally do - I'm a glass artist - but it is good to try new things as a way of testing out and expressing ideas.  Anyway, enough! I need to get on with gluing this thing together.

Manchester Artists' Book Fair, Holden Gallery, Manchester School of Art, Manchester Metropolitan University on Saturday 6 November 201, 10am-6pm

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