Create a Difference in Macclesfield

For years Macclesfield has been a 'Nice but Dull' town with much more going for it than any of us had the energy to make into a reality.  Recently, however, there have been rumblings of unrest in this county town of average everything:  The Loop online arts information, Barnaby, Treacle Market.  And not only that, we are starting to talk to one another, and finding out that many of us feel the same way, and if we get together, things might actually happen.  So, if you live in or visit Macclesfield, please take a moment to fill in the online survey (it takes a minute or two - I've just done it myself) at Create a Difference.  Recent plans for the the development of the town centre have gone rather quiet, and these people are attempting to fill that gap with some data that might help to make a more vibrant, interesting Macclesfield that we can be proud of.

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Image: Macclesfield Town Hall, an image I did for the 'New View' photography competition for Barnaby last year and then couldn't be bothered to enter!  Alas, apathy overtakes us all from time to time.


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