Great Northen Craft Fair

Visited the Great Northern Craft Fair for the first time last Sunday.  I'm not a great fan of fairs in general, I don't like crowds and am too easily depressed by poor work and wonky prices.  However, the Great Northern was all right.  Not too big, and the work was OK if not especially original, and the prices pretty well pitched.  However, I was really impressed with the glass that was represented.  Michelle Keeling showed some great jewellery making the most of highly polished edges to create neclaces and brooches that are like small shards of ice, David Pascoe used colour to great effect in some lovely vases created using the roll-up technique (where a flat glass sheet is rolled onto a glass-blowing iron and worked like a piece of blown glass) and Amanda Simmons showed her wonderful little cameo-engraved vases that I waxed lyrical about in a previous posting.  All showed great design at good prices in this tricky area of the market for glass-makers.  All in all a good experience.

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Image: One of David Pascoe's roll-up vases


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