Drawings from David Reekie Masterclass at North Lands Creative Glass

Had a little bit of time now to think about what was really important about the recent masterclass by David Reekie at North Lands Glass, and I think it's the drawings. I'm delighted with the technical stuff - it's immensely useful, but when I think about what I want to change about what I do, I keep coming back to the drawings.  There's something about drawing that helps to understand things - not just the things you're drawing, but the ideas behind them - what is it that has made you want to draw that thing?  It can be a way of bringing ideas into being - of giving them shape and form.  When I took David through my work at the masterclass, I was embarrassed at how little drawing I had to show him - at best semi-technical scribbles.  And I always used to - I seem to have got out of the habit, and that is a very BAD THING, which I need to do something about.

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Abstracting form from newspaper images


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