8 months of hard labour

Just spent a happy but exhausting day at the fabulous Hotbed Press, working on a screen printed version of one of the photos from my Strange Music, Rough Magic series of work.  See the picture for the results of my labour.  It has taken me a good 8 months to solve all the problems with these.  It's not perfect by any means, and I feel a little locked into the technical side of it all at the moment.  However, these images have been looking for a home since I did them. Some were used in the glass pieces showing at the British Glass Biennale this weekend, but not all of them were sutiable for this application. The ones that were left have been calling out to me to be taken forward in some way, and this really does the trick. I like the small size (just 10cm square), the way the image fades to the edges as if it's not quite certain where the boundaries are.  I want to do some more in the series, although that will have to wait as the glories of the International Festival of Glass and a David Reekie masterclass will be taking up my time for a few weeks.

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