Treacle Market

Even though it was viewed through the fizzing aura of a migraine, the first Treacle Market - Macclesfield's new Sunday market - was a triumph.  Interesting stalls, a good variety, bargains to be had and treasures to discover, food, drink, street music.  I was amazed at what other shops were open in Macc too.  It is hoped that the Treacle Market will become a regular feature of Macc's events - let's hope so! It would certainly be great to see more stalls - I might even have a dabble myself in the future if I'm allowed. I had never heard the story that Macclesfield was once known as Treacletown because of a big spill of treacle on the cobbles - and it finding out about it, I have reconnected with a part of my town's history.  Not only that, on a practical level, the market has reconnected me and many others with the town centre on a Sunday.  Great work from Jane Munro (of The Loop - the e-guide to macc Arts) and Debbie Quinn who have been the drviers behind it all.


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