My head is in my hands

No, not like that - although since I'm just back from a blissful two weeks holiday in France it could be.  It's just that as I was putting together my lastest work, Swathe II, for the British Glass Biennale, I was reflecting on whether the work was any good. As you do.  I was thinking that some people would say that it wasn't, because it doesn't begin with an idea, but is a response to the process of making and the qualities of the material I am using.  But actually, I don't think that the head (the ideas for the work) and the hands (the tools for making the work) are as separate as that.  It would be very Cartesian to say so, to see the mind and body as very separate entities.  I remember artist Helen Maurer saying a long time ago at the "sometimes you have to make the work and then decide what it's about".  And I'm often amazed that when I make work just because I have to, I then find that it is completely consistent with my general themes.  What is in my head is in my hands - that is, my ideas and thoughts find their way into my work through my hands even when I'm not trying explicitly to do so.  And what is in my hands, especially when they connect with a material, is in my head too. So perhaps the work is all right after all.
See images of Swathe II on my website


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