Thinking about my new work, and the strange appeal of the marks and patterns that the chopped glass makes by itself when it is allowed to fall.  What is this all about?  Is it the way that the many different components of the piece make up a whole?  Like a composite, swarm, lawn, hive, nap, pile, flock, insect eye.  It gives a kind of living quality to the whole thing.  Glass fur.  I had my hair cut today at Wilson Associates in Macclesfield (well done Kayleigh), and it struck me that it is very like the way that hair behaves.  Some things, like flowers, have a composite part, but they have a very solid whole. Whereas grass, fur, insects and birds have a more dynamic collective quality - as if there is a new, bigger animal formed from the individual parts. My friend, artist Jude Stoll says of the Swathe series so far that it makes her think of the bits of turf that people raffle off from old football pitches, as well as the way that lawns are managed and manipulated to make them beautiful; by mowing and brushing.  Also, I'm reminded of the way dew on early-morning grass shows up the footprints of anyone who walk on it - the marks of passage.  Still reflecting on how all this should be developed.
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