Be a successful artist: Do less and sleep more

Oliver Burkeman's words in the 'This Column will Change Your Life' section of this weekend's guardian were illuminating:  He talks about how studies show that successful people (a violinist is his example) not only work long hours - they get where they are by putting in the practice - but they also take plenty of time off too, and they get a good dose of sleep.  His point was that it is the rhythm that's important.  For every period of intense focus, the body needs a period of rest.  How apt.  I'm well aware that my driven-ness and desire to do well can squash the creative spark, and I found this a profound word on how I and other artists might give rest and relaxation greater space in our lives.  The thing is,  even though I know that it is important to rest, when I do, there's so often something in the back of my mind saying "this rest will increase your OUTPUT!".  It's hard to beat the Protestant work ethic, but I honestly believe it's absolute poison to the artist.  I suppose if I had no work ethic at all, I would just sit around doing diddly squat even if I had the most creative mind.  But it's balance I want, not a complete absence of drive.
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Limiting the Hours Worked increases output:


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