COLLECT at the Saatchi Gallery

I don't know if I'm just paying more attention this year, but the vibe around COLLECT seems much more positive this year than previously.  COLLECT is a major selling Craft event of a few years in age, but has yet really to settle into it's identity.  To be honest, it has been a little staid, although there are always gems.  This year there has been an excellent COLLECT trail based around the Kings Road area (near to the Saatchi Gallery), where artists taking part in the main event have shown work in retail outlets, and an intriguing set of shows of contemporary glass entitled 'RECOLLECT', showing at London Glass Blowing and other venues.  See the Recollect website for details.  Featured artists are: Katharine Coleman M.B.E., Matt Durran, Frances Federer, Shane Fero, Carrie Fertig, Antje Illner, Max Jacquard, Shelley James, Peter Layton, Andrew Logan, Bruce Marks, Helen Maurer with Angela Moore, Andrew Moor, Simon Moss, Takeshi Nagasaki, Nicola Ransom, Layne Rowe, Anthony Scala, Louis Thompson, Liz Waugh McManus, Ewa Wawrzyniak, Richard Wheater & Kate Williams.


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