The pain of not having to do anything in particular

Having made a resolution that this year I will actually make some new work, I find myself suddenly with some space to actually get on with it. I have already made some bits of work in fact, but I've also had lots of writing commissions, as well as plenty of stuff to do for the Contemporary Glass Society, which I chair. I have been feeling that my commitments were making it impossible to be creative - I was having to power forward all the time, onwards and upwards to the next thing. Anyway, all is quiet at the moment and I'm terrified! I have a few things to be getting on with - I've just had some work accepted for the British Glass Biennale - but most of all I want to have a bit of space to mess about, experiment and BE CREATIVE! I've been spending at least 10 minutes in the Studio every morning, breathing in the atmosphere and prodding various piles of junk to see what inspires. We'll see what happens........


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