Business Plans and all that junk

It's that time of year - much later than it should be - when I finally knuckle down and do my Tax Return.  Last year I was plunged in to a dark depression by this process.  There's nothing that brings the difficulties of the creative business into sharper focus than analysing my income and expenditure and coming to terms with another year of losses.  However,  I take heart from what consultant Rachel Smart says about this, namely that it takes at least four years to break even.  This is my third year, and that's supposed to be the worse - you lose your enthusiasm and you don't make any money.  That's about spot on.  But the good thing about the whole Tax Return business is that it does really make me assess where I am and where I'm going.  Last year I decided I wanted to spend much less on travel and much more in marketing.  This year I'll be able to assess whether I have done that, and make new plans.  My Business plan is always a rather shaky thing, but this is when I come closest to reviewing and revising it.  So,  here I go again.  Lets hope for some nice surprises in this year's taxing process.

Image: How It Is, Victoria Scholes 2008. Photo Simon Bruntnell


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