Update on '12 Months of Neon Love' from Richard William Wheater and Victoria Lucas

The first Neon Sculpture from Richard William Wheater and Victoria Lucas in their '12 Months of Neon Love' project is now on ebay and ready to go.

They say:

We are proud to announce that the first set of 12 MONTHS OF NEON LOVE lyrics will be put up for auction on Ebay on the 14th March 2011. Make sure you get a look in all you Elvis fans out there!
A reserve price of only £300 has been placed for the 40cm high text that spells out the lyrics “…I’M IN LOVE, I’M ALL SHOOK UP, HUH UH HUH…”.  If you would like to make a bid on this unique piece of artwork visit the following link:

See The 12 Months of Neon Love blog
Jump to Victoria Scholes' website

Image copyright: Victoria Lucas


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